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  • Compression Tights 2XU

    2XU Compression Tights

    2XU Compression Tights. Elite range of mens and womens compression leggings. Increase your performance and reduce muscle damage with the 2XU range.

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  • Mercury

    Canterbury Compression

    Train, compete and recover with Canterbury Mercury Compression clothing. Increase Circulation, reduce muscle soreness and swelling and improve recovery.

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  • 1000 Mile Compression Socks

    Compression Running Socks

    Improve you performance, increase the amount of time you train and recover quicker with our range of running socks from 2XU and 1000 mile..

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  • CW-X Insulator Tights

    CW-X Insulator Tights

    Treat yourself this winter with the CWX Stabilyx Insulator Tights. Unique support web bonds the muscles and ligaments together to stabilise the knee joint.

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  • Sports Bras - Shock Absorber

    Shock Absorber Sports Bras

    Shock Absorber Sports Bras for running and impact sports. The UKs No 1 sports bras from Shock Absorber providing you with style, comfort and control.

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  • Calf Guards

    Calf Guards

    Compressport and 2XU Calf Guards for runners and active athletes. Compression gives you shock and vibration absorption to guard against injury and fatigue.

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  • Kinesiology Tape

    Kinesiology Tape

    Kinesiology tape is a flexible sports tape that will give you muscular support and can be used to treat hamstring injuries, shin splints and runners knee.

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  • PT Base Layers

    Base Layers

    Stay warm and dry with Precision Training Base Layers. Suitable for all sports and activities these well priced base layers are very comfortable to wear.

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The advantages of Compression Clothing

Compression clothing can be used by athletes whether amateur or professional to prevent injury, improve performance and speed up recovery. The pressure that the compression clothing applies to the relevant part of the body increases the blood circulation to the muscles. This in turn increases the flow of blood back to the heart which helps remove any lactic acid that is produced from the production of energy. This allows you to resist fatigue, allowing you to perform at a higher level for longer. The Increased blood flow also increases heat generation and this allows the muscles to become more flexible which helps prevent injury. In addition, the added blood flow also increases the flow of energy rich oxygenated blood to the muscles. The muscles will use this oxygen to breakdown glucose into a form of energy that the body can use. Compression wear can also increase power output from the muscles covered. This will allow your muscles to work at a high intensity for longer than your opponents. The Clothing is made from advanced materials that help to regulate body temperature by wicking away sweat from the body on warm days and increases heat generation on cold days.

Compression Tights
Our elite range of CW-X and 2XU Compression Tights will deliver support to the hamstrings, quads, abductors, gluts and calves. The compression offered by these tights will help to reduce muscle vibration and the muscle damage and swelling caused by this. The compression leggings are all made from moisture wicking materials, ensuring that you are kept dry and comfortable.